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Avoiding Facebook & Social Media Travel Scams

A warning about Social Media Scams and tips on how to spot them. They aren't new, but it is still easy to forget caution when receiving a share from a friend. Read More

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Driving abroad: laws, licences, and road safety

Spare glasses in Spain, breathalyser in France, tow-bar and 3m rope in Serbia. Driving abroad? Then use Travelchimps' widget to find out about driving rules and info for your destination - covers countries worldwide. Read More

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Free accommodation on your travels

An article for backpackers and independent or solo travellers who need to stretch their budget as far as possible.

Read More

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Useful travel, holiday and vacation links from AA to YHA

Links for all your travel needs. Want to know driving rules for Italy? Passport & credit cards stolen? River cruises etc. its all here. Read More

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Traveller’s Tummy – prevention & treatment

Want to avoid that trip where the sight-seeing is mainly the porcelain in the bathroom? Did you know that you can buy an over the counter medicine that the UK's NHS says significantly reduces the chances of you getting Travelers' Diarrhea?

Practical and medicinal ways to avoid Travelers' Tummy; and how to self treat if all else fails.

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Companions on your travels

Solo travelers looking for travel companions: 4 ways to find buddies for your trip. Pros, cons, what to look out for, and links. Read More

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Car Hire – pitfalls, do’s, don’ts and booking

  • Before you book.
  • Where to book ( brokers, agents, price comparison)
  • When you pick up & returning your car.
  • Problems and scams.
Read More

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Cruise Ships, Ferries, Freighters, and travel for free as Yacht crew

Information and links for those considering travel by Cruise Ship, Ferry, Freighters, or looking for free passage on a yacht. Read More

Cruises sailing from Southampton (England)

Cruises sailing from Southampton. UK/Southampton info and map. Read More

Category: Cruises/travel by water    

How to find the best flight deals

Which is the best flight price comparison site? Should I use a ticket consolidator? Late deals from Tour Operators and Charter Flight companies. Read More

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