This website and blog was created by Andy Wrigley (see below) its aims are:

  • to enable you to research your trip from a single page and obtain the information you need about the country you are visiting, as well as the best travel deals. The site’s travel dashboard has been showcased by and tweeted by the UK Foreign Office.
  • provide articles, information, and advice on travel together with tips on booking and finding the best travel deals.

Travelchimps is proud to be a Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Aware campaign partner.


In 2005/2006 I took a years career break to backpack through and visit 20 countries including 6 weeks in Hungary studying the CELTA Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification.

I didn’t take a phone, but I took my laptop on which I had installed (the then new) Skype. I had no plan or itinerary so I created “” (later re-branded as Travelchimps) to keep friends and family informed of where I was and what I was doing.

I often decided to travel to the a new city or country the night before – researching the new destination and making the necessary transport and hotel/hostel bookings was a real pain. I’d have to do numerous searches and then end up visiting 10 or 20 sites to find the information and make bookings. So the idea of being able to do all my research from a single dashboard was born.

I also found some travel/booking sites were much better than others; and that many sites which appeared to be comparison sites were not. So I decided to blog about where to find the best deals.

Funding the site

Travelchimps might earn a small commission if one of its links or apps results in a purchase – this will not affect the price you pay.

The price comparison tools/sites recommended are all ones I would use myself; compared to other booking sites they often pay little (or no) commission. Other links may result in a commission payment using Skimlinks (click the graphic on the left for more information for how this encourages unbiased recommendations).