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Vaccinations & antimalarials for your trip

How to find out about the vaccinations and antimalarials needed for the countries you are visiting. Plus information on insect bite prevention.

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Travel Insurance Pitfalls – finding a policy that meets your needs

Have you checked your Travel Insurance policy small print?

Does your annual multi-trip policy leave you uninsured on your 14 day Summer Holiday because it limits trips to a maximum of 10 days? Are you still insured by your Winter Sports policy if you ski "off piste" without an instructor?

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Traveller’s Tummy – prevention & treatment

Want to avoid that trip where the sight-seeing is mainly the porcelain in the bathroom? Did you know that you can buy an over the counter medicine that the UK's NHS says significantly reduces the chances of you getting Travelers' Diarrhea?

Practical and medicinal ways to avoid Travelers' Tummy; and how to self treat if all else fails.

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Healthcare abroad: the EHIC and similar rights outside Europe

When visiting most of Europe, an EHIC gives us the same rights to medical treatment as local residents. We also have similar rights in 15 "non-EHIC" countries; but there are surprising exceptions like Guernsey.

Some state hospitals falsely claim treatment isn't covered & trick patients into private care. In which countries can you get state healthcare, what is covered, what do you pay? What are the rules in the Channel Islands? ......

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Travel insurance: simple & flexible

We have partnered with WorldNomads: You can buy and claim online, even after you’ve left home. Travel insurance from WorldNomads is available to people from 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities. The benefits of WorldNomad’s are detailed below, but ... Read More

Travel Insurance for high risk countries

Are you visiting a country or an area for which your Government has issued advice against travel? Then check the small print of you travel insurance policy, you will find that even your so called "whole world" policy won't cover you. This article takes a closer look at Travel Insurance for high risk countries, and the options available to you. Read More

Travel Insurance websites for residents of the US and Canada

A quick review of travel insurance price comparison sites, with additional information on longer stay insurance and "backpacker" policies. Read More

Travel Insurance: a review of UK Price Comparison websites

Find out which price comparison site is best for your travel insurance needs. The results of this review may surprise you. Many of the major comparison sites will give you the same results because they use the same company to provide their travel insurance search. Read More

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