Flight Price Comparison - cheap airfares

  • The two price comparison engines that came top of our research:
  • Compare prices from nearly 700 airlines and booking sites.
  • Choose flight and book directly on the website of the airline or agent.
  • Completely free - you don't pay any extra for using these search engines.

Skyscanner: winner of the travel industry 2012 Travolution Award for "Best Meta-search/Price Comparison"

Very Good for:

    Flexible date search

    Flexible locations

    Range of agents and brokers searched.

Compare flight prices from:

More than 600 airlines and Agents such as Ebookers, Expedia, Edreams, MajorTravel, Opodo, NetFlights & TravelPack.

Multi Language/Currency

DoHop: includes many budget airlines ignored by other comparison sites. We have added its search to our Via.Us.Com label. We want you to recommend us - so we only include companies we believe in and provide you with great value.

Flights: search/compare
Return (if needed)

Compare prices from nearly 700 airlines and booking sites e.g. Opodo, Ebookers, Lastminute, Vayama.

Very Good For:

Low cost/budget airlines (100) many don't pay commission and are ignored by other comparison sites

Connecting flights missed by other sites

Single (one way) tickets.

Multi Language/Currency

Notebook friendly - results are displayed in an 800 pixel width page.

we like this comparison engine so much we have integrated on our sister site under our own brand.

Most of the flight search booking sites offer commission to travel information sites such as ourselves. We have chosen to affiliate with those we believe offer best value to our visitors. Note: our commission helps support this information site; it does not affect the price you pay (you still book direct with the airline/booking site).

Links for alternative sites including late package/charter flight booking and other price comparison engines can be found here.