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Advice current as at 4:00 am 22 May 2019.

Rwanda is generally safe and crime levels are relatively low, but street crime does occur. There have been reports of an increase in burglary, theft and mugging in Kigali in recent months. You should take precautions with valuables and remain vigilant. See Crime

The eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) remains unstable, and the situation in Burundi has also become volatile with increased tensions and violence related to the ongoing political crisis, including deteriorating relations with Rwanda. There’s a continuing risk that the security situation in the region could deteriorate rapidly. You should remain alert to the possibility of military incursions, stray bullets and/or artillery fire entering Rwanda if you’re near the DRC or Burundi border.

On 15 December near Kitabi, on the edge of the Nyungwe Forest National Park, a military incursion killed a number of civilians. More recently, the Government of Rwanda have deployed additional military to the south west province to enhance security.

If you’re travelling near the DRC/Rwanda and Burundi/Rwanda borders or through Nyungwe Forest, make sure you check this travel advice and the travel advice for DRC and Burundi regularly.

Visitors to the region should be aware that on 1 August an outbreak of Ebola was confirmed in Béni territory in North Kivu province in DRC. The UK is working across the region with neighbouring countries and the WHO to combat the outbreak. The latest updates can be found on the WHO website.

If you’re abroad and you need emergency help from the UK government, contact the nearest British embassy, consulate or high commission.

Although there’s no recent history of terrorism in Rwanda, attacks can’t be ruled out. See Terrorism.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.


Quick Facts Tourist Information for:

Currency: Rwanda Franc (RWF)
Exchange Rate: still loading ...
Dialling Code: 250
Drive on the: right
Visitors/Tourists: 619,000 in 2010
Languages Spoken:
Kinyarwanda (official language) 77%

Capital City(s):
Kigali (also largest city)
Timezone: still loading ....
Time Now: still loading ....
Telephone Area Code:
Population: 851,024
Latitude: -1.95361111111 Longitude: 30.0605555556

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