Web-site Hosting: Kualo

In 2001 after reading favorable feedback on web hosting forums I chose Kualo (US and UK servers) based on price and features (it was ahead of the game – and still is).

However; the most important criteria for selecting a web host should be reliability, and a support desk that resolves your problems quickly and effectively. I only realized this after working for companies (and assisting friends) with website problems and hosts who seemed unwilling or incapable of helping. It made me realize how lucky I was with Kualo which quickly helps me resolve problems even when they are not Kualo issues; and is the reason I have remained with them for 16 years.


To fund the site I use Google Adwords and have affiliated with some of the sites I recommend (I only affiliate with sites I would personally use).

Additionally I use Skimlinks to monetize links to companies mentioned in my articles.

Website Design (layout):

The site has been re-designed numerous times to cater for the increasing variety of devices with internet access. To simplify future changes the site now uses WordPress (WP) and the layout and look is currently based on Anders Norén’s Hemingway theme for WP.

WordPress: plugins and visitor country geolocation:

Cookie Notice to display “site uses cookies” notification to visitors from the EU.

Category Country Aware WordPress: When I moved the site to WordPress there was no plugin available that would provide its existing level of functionality for determining content, sidebar, and localized menus and adverts – so I wrote my own and added it to wordpress.org plugin directory. It even works with other plugins e.g. Cookie Notice – so its notice is only displayed to EU visitors.

Information and sources of data

Country and travel information on this site is generated from information and data provided by:

  • Governments including US (travel.state.gov) and UK (Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
  • Open Data organisations: dbpedia.org and freebase


In addition to our own images; the site also uses public domain/free for commercial use graphics and icons from the following sources:

Animated SVG Banner: Created with Imagebot and Inkscape using public domain clip art from Openclipart.Org.

Graphics & Icons: Openclipart.Org.

Flags: from country flags svg collection.

Search Engine Optimisation

Done in-house (SEO tips here). Videos featuring Google’s Matt Cutts which can easily be found online were a useful source of advice.

There are plenty of companies (good and bad) that offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to improve your results on Google, Bing and Yahoo.