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Travel by Freighter or Container ship with the Merchant Navy:

We’ve all seen those old films where someone down at heel island hops the Pacific by tramp ship. Now we have international regulation, fear of being sued and associated insurance.

So travel by cargo ship is anything but cheap; and a very slow way of getting to your destination. You pay for days not the destination, and port stops enroute may be 3 days each. When I checked in 2010 a journey from the UK to Australia would have cost $4500 to $6500 (budget about $135 per day + taxes). £3000 to £4000 (budget about £90 per day + taxes).

Information on freighter travel: seaplus.com

Freighter companies and agents:
freightercruises.com | TravLtips | freightertravel.co.nz | cruisepeople.co.uk

Ferries (Europe)

Eurotunnel ferry alternative
DFDS Seaways variety of ferry crossings ranging from England-France to Germany-Lithuania
P&O Ferries Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Holland
Stena Line Ireland-UK-Holland, Germany-Scandinavia
Brittany Ferries UK-France, UK-Spain

Hitch Hike by Yacht – work your passage (Free!)

Yes you really can travel for free. There are various forums where you can view crew wanted message, or advertise your availability.

According to cruiserswiki.org “The MOST successful method of finding a crew berth is to be at the various points of departure and ready at the right time. Hang around like a bad smell at the marinas and anchorages and offer assistance in preparations to ALL the yachts and mention that you are keen to join a boat for an onward passage.“.

floatplan.com yacht crew wanted
cruiserswiki: hitch hike when and where table
cruiserswiki: hints and tips for yacht crew
Cruiserlog: forum and crew wanted

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