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Car Hire – pitfalls, do’s, don’ts and booking

  • Before you book.
  • Where to book ( brokers, agents, price comparison)
  • When you pick up & returning your car.
  • Problems and scams.
Read More

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Cruise Ships, Ferries, Freighters, and travel for free as Yacht crew

Information and links for those considering travel by Cruise Ship, Ferry, Freighters, or looking for free passage on a yacht. Read More

Cruises sailing from Southampton (England)

Cruises sailing from Southampton. UK/Southampton info and map. Read More

Category: Cruises/travel by water    

How to find the best flight deals

Which is the best flight price comparison site? Should I use a ticket consolidator? Late deals from Tour Operators and Charter Flight companies. Read More

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Which Hostel Booking site should I use?

A review of 8 Hostel booking sites. Which is best for choice, usability and price? Read More

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Travel Insurance for high risk countries

Are you visiting a country or an area for which your Government has issued advice against travel? Then check the small print of you travel insurance policy, you will find that even your so called "whole world" policy won't cover you. This article takes a closer look at Travel Insurance for high risk countries, and the options available to you. Read More

Travel Insurance websites for residents of the US and Canada

A quick review of travel insurance price comparison sites, with additional information on longer stay insurance and "backpacker" policies. Read More

Travel Insurance: a review of UK Price Comparison websites

Find out which price comparison site is best for your travel insurance needs. The results of this review may surprise you. Many of the major comparison sites will give you the same results because they use the same company to provide their travel insurance search. Read More

Cruises From Florida – Tampa, Port Canaveral (Orlando) and Jacksonville

Information on Cruises lines sailing from Tampa, Port Canaveral & Jacksonville, vacation package destinations, and duration. Read More

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Cruises From New York area – New York and New Jersey

New York and New Jersey cruise destinations. Bermuda, Bahamas & the Eastern Caribbean and Great Britain. Read More

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