Skiing and Snowboard equipment selection and maintenance

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Ski & Snowboard Maintenance - Gear Guides

This video provides an overview of maintenance to carry out and the range of tools available. It does not show you how to use these tools, but it is a good introduction.

Base Maintenance using P-tex:

Use where waxing will not sort the scratch/scrape. You need P-tex stick (about £4 upwards), some Base Cleaner, a scraper, and a lighter/candle or gas torch (recommended). There are numerous videos on this subject all with slightly different techniques and tips such as not using the first few high carbon drips of P-tex, ensuring it "burns" with a blue flame etc. Be very careful with P-tex, if you drip it on your skin you will not be able to scrape it off as it will burn down into your flesh, read and follow the manufactures instructions.

The first video has much better production quality, the second is included to show slightly different techniques.

Classic Wax Demo:

See for explanation of appropriate waxes etc. Note - all the demos I've seen make use of a specialist Waxing Iron, however I know of people using a "domestic" (non-steam) iron, without holes in the base, on its lowest temperatures.

Classic wax demo performed by Ihor from Olympia Cycle && Ski on St. Mary's Road Winnipeg.

Tune your snowboard:

Our single Google video ad:

Ski Boot Fitting: gives you the lowdown ski boot fitting. What should you expect when you go into a store to get some new ski boots. From the foot exam and bio mechanical assessment to the right socks and a proper shell check etc.

last updated 27 June 2010